Working at Itility

In large organizations, often certain roles operate autonomously. Not at Itility. We combine our competencies (passions) into customer-targeted teams. This enables rapid delivery of results (within weeks), while creating a steep learning curve for team members. We operate as a team, and this rigorous approach is an essential feature of Itility’s high-end consultancy formula.

An Itilian is a person that shares the customers’ business goals and brings in the digital knowledge and power to achieve them

Work hard

With Itility, you can advance your career, working on projects, Smart Factories, Smart Run, and consulting assignments onsite. An Itility team will always comprise multiple competencies, ranging from project manager to business analyst, as well as product owner, scrum master, IT engineer, data engineer, and data scientist.

We shape, deliver, run. We continuously seek for ways to go beyond. Our teams of Itilians direct project implementation. We analyze the customer’s problem, we shape the best solution shoulder-to-shoulder with the customer, and then we deliver.

Learn fast

This knowledge-intensive approach will have a direct, positive impact on your career development. You will get a broad view of the digital profession, working with one customer in the implementation phase and another in the shaping phase. To support your development, we provide tools in the form of training and our Itility toolkits — such as the Project Management Ikit, Scrum Ikit, and Smart Factory Ikit.

In addition to the focus on content, we concentrate on skills development through peer review, coaching, and our curriculum in the Itility Academy. Among the academy activities are working with dogs to build leadership skills, training via a restaurant traineeship to build teamwork skills, and our annual team-training weekend abroad.

Continuously seeking for ways to go beyond

Our culture can be described as ‘no-nonsense, with passion’. We know working at Itility is about working with people, so we stay close to our customers. This means understanding how the customer works — by knowing their products, business characteristics, and vision.

The key word for us is ‘delivery’. We need to remain results-oriented in order to offer high-end consultancy. This means using the Itility network, thinking and talking in facts and numbers, and implementing content knowledge. The secret of the Itility formula is learning, learning, and yet more learning.

Itility Summit

If we compare Itility with other IT companies in absolute numbers, we are small. And that’s exactly what we want because we don’t want to break a winning formula. If we compare Itility with other digital companies in terms of ability, we are big — few companies have our unique and broad composition of diverse competencies within one team.

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