Consultancy is (y)our passion

If managing results is your passion, our way of working will energize you.

For us, consultancy is about shaping innovation. Together with the customer, we dig into the question behind the question —­ we find the problem causing the issue. Designing the digital solution, one step beyond. That is what our customer representatives (Itilian for managing consultant), scrum masters, business consultants, requirements analysts, and content-driven project managers do.

We focus on delivering results that work, on keeping documentation light, and processes lean. Knowing that plans can change, we adapt quickly. We run projects with multidisciplinary teams to deliver what is promised.

A project is not completed unless it is ‘ready to run’, the results industrialized. That is why we focus on delivering the run as well — ‘as a factory’ in a DevOps way. With scrum masters, product owners, factory leads, operations managers, and DevOps teams.


Join our Consultancy team

So join our consultancy Itilians and start working in multidisciplinary teams in projects and in DevOps factories, either for our large international enterprise customers in high tech and manufacturing or for our midsized innovative customers in agritech and mobility. Focusing on soft skills, teamwork, stakeholder management, and content knowledge. Using the proven Itility toolkits that we created ourselves to work in a lean and results-driven way.

That is what consultancy at Itility is about.

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“Shaping innovations starts with asking the right questions”

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