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Itilians about Itility

Work life: the Itility way... Take a peek into the unique facets that make our work environment distinctive. Discover why Itilians take pride in considering this company not just a workplace, but a true home for their professional journey.

  • My first impression of Itility was that it was the perfect mix of consultancy, commitment, and young entrepreneurship that I was looking for. A company with a strong young-minded core that was very serious in their work and out to prove themselves. Even more impressive within Itility were the colleagues I had the fortune to work with. Each colleague embodies working together as a team and ensuring that the customer always comes first.

    My path at Itility has taken me to a wide variety of projects, starting with our own cloud service when it was still an up-and-coming product, to 6 different projects at Itility and our customers over the next two years. Each having its own unique problem that needed solving. After two years, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to spend one year at our San Diego office in the US. After my return I decided, I would like to make San Diego more permanent and now, two years later, I am living in San Diego! Now filling the role as a Solution Architect, I am able to use my past experiences to help Itility US get to the next level.

    What has impressed me most in my career with Itility has been how we always manage to get our projects right. Everyone is focused on getting the most out of the available opportunities. This all comes from the co-workers themselves and is something that defines Itility.


    Got the chance to spend one year at the San Diego office in the US, and now lives there

  • To me, Itility is the ‘work-home’ I never knew existed but spend the first 6 years of my career searching for. Both during my time at university and my first jobs, I found myself tackling challenges by bridging the gap between technology and people. Whilst doing so gave me great satisfaction, I got restless after each major challenge was completed and brought under control. Switching employers every one to two years kept me motivated, but to me, this was not a sustainable career path.  

    Five years ago, I came across Itility, an IT consultancy company. Whilst consultancy was new to me, the concept quickly made sense. I got to; 1. Tackle complex IT and data challenges to help clients meet their business goals, 2. Work with high motivated and capable teams, 3. Stay at a great employer in the process. 

    Itility has proven to really get what I and my teams need to be successful. Here you are actively shaping your own career path. I started out using my experience in Scrum to guide several IT teams and voiced that I really wanted to focus on the data and software domain. At the first opportunity, I moved to the Product Owner’s position at our Data Factory. From there, I got the opportunity to work with many interesting clients on their complex challenges. Due to the guidance of extremely knowledgeable seniors, my learning curve stayed as steep as possible. Allowing me to keep extending my responsibilities, where now I am the senior and have the opportunity to guide many of our younger colleagues along their journey.


    Loves the opportunity to work on complex challenges with interesting clients

When I started working at Itility nearly 8 years ago, I couldn’t have imagined the journey that would be ahead. I just received my bachelor‘s degree in software engineering, started my role as IT consultant at Itility and immediately started on my first project at a big customer. I was added to a team with experienced engineers, giving me the room and safety net to quickly learn, fail and improve in a controlled way. We automated the deployment of virtual machines in an on-prem datacenter, and the installation of default software and services, saving the datacenter engineers countless hours of clicking around. 

In the years that followed, more and more of our customers started their cloud journey. To stay (and keep) up to date with the latest trends and tech-updates we visited multiple global Azure and AWS conferences. I was fortunate to be part of an amazing Itility team with the right “go build” mentality. Together and close with the customer, we accelerated their cloud journeys by building their cloud foundations using infra-as-code, setting up standardized monitoring and migrate/rebuild on-prem applications in the cloud.

In my current project, SSA (Self Service Analytics), we built a one-stop-shop framework for our customer’s data analysts. This enabled them to get quick access to their favorite tools, the data they require and provide best practices in creating and sharing new datasets. Over the past months, the platform quickly grew to over a thousand active users. A moment that stood out was where we received compliments from our vendor calling our SSA platform a “best-in-class framework”. 


On top of everything cloud, latest achievement: built a self service analytics platform for customer’s data analysts and engineers