Data is (y)our passion

Bring value by processing and analyzing data to make things smart.

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the world. In addition to understanding the past, companies must know what is happening now, and anticipate what is going to happen. Data is driving digital transformation.

If data is your passion, our teams of data experts will energize you.

Creating value from data is what drives our data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts. We love to predict the future with random forests, neural networks, and optimization algorithms, and then present it to our customers in an accessible way. Slicing and dicing data in advanced dashboards and easy-to-use mobile apps with Splunk, Dash, Shiny, or PowerBI.

Meet our team of data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers. Working in multidisciplinary teams on projects at our large international enterprise customers in high-tech and manufacturing, or at our midsized innovative customers in agritech and mobility. Using different tools and techniques, extracting large quantities of data, visualizing and translating data for useable insights for the customer.

That is what data at Itility is about.

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