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Azure Cloud Engineer

With Itility Cloud Control (ICC) we offer a mechanism to simplify the current existing IT landscape for better operations results. We wrap the landscape into software and apply analytics and machine learning to it. We make it software defined. We let the machine handle the complexity instead of the traditional approach of manual labor.

We need your expertise

The candidate has a hands-on mindset, a strong customer- and problem solving orientation, shows fast results, and has demonstrated good communication skills, especially in an international IT organization. To achieve the project goals the candidate is able to liaise directly with all stakeholders. The candidate has a clear focus on results and quality. Your activities will include:

  • You start your day by checking if there are any monitoring alerts that need your immediate attention.
  • After, you are actively involved in a daily stand-up with your DevOps team members and offer or ask help on certain topics if needed.
  • You functionally discuss solutions, specifically with your product owner or customer and translate requirements in a future proof architecture.
  • Cloud providers have a lot of standard solutions. You can design and build infrastructure, platform and software solutions based on Azure and/or AWS catalog items, using cloud best practices. However, if standard solutions don’t fit, you discuss customization with your team members.
  • You design micro services, run container workloads which are all orchestrated and monitored using tools that you think fits best for its purpose.
  • You will build, deploy, maintain and optimize infrastructure and application landscapes based on infra as code and configuration management principles. Automation is your default.
  • Everything you do is software defined in code, tested and deployed in your CI/CD pipelines which you created and maintain. Everything you do is version-controlled and reviewed via GIT.
  • On a daily basis you apply different data solutions like Splunk, Elasticsearch or Databricks to fully understand IT environments and find (performance) bottlenecks.
  • You are responsible for the uptime of the ICC platform.

Meet Itility

At Itility we believe in merging technology and data to drive our customers one step beyond. Itility digital consultants are experts in data, cloud, software, and IT infrastructure. 

Our culture can be described as ‘no-nonsense, with passion’. Working at Itility is about working with people, staying close to our customers.

We work for large enterprises and innovative startups. Acting as the ‘digital twin’ of customers, we work shoulder-to-shoulder to exceed business goals and push the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

Do you like to go above and beyond? Do you want to work with passion for what you do, in a team of people fueled by the same passion?

Then we would love to meet you!

You believe in

You believe in DevOps way of work. Furthermore, you have: 

  • Bachelor of Science / Master degree
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant work experience with DevOps and software techniques
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, a true team player
  • Affinity with cloud solutions such as Azure, AWS, OpenStack
  • Familiar with working in an Agile environment
  • You have experience with multiple of the following domains / products:
    • Scripting & coding languages: Python, Ruby, Angular,Bash, PowerShell, Node.js
    • Configuration Management & Testing: Puppet, Beaker, Ansible, Chef
    • Source code management: Git, Bitbucket
    • Containers: Docker, Kubernetes
    • Provisioning and automation tools: Terraform, ARM, Cloudformation
    • CI/CD: Jenkins, Bamboo
    • Monitoring: Sensu, Munin, Kibana, Splunk
    • Data analytics: Databricks, Data Lakes, Elasticsearch, Logstash
    • Experience with caching: Memcache, CDN’s, Redis
    • Databases: SQL, NoSQL, MySQL
    • Software design techniques: UML, OO
    • Experience with Linux would be a plus

You will report to the Itility program manager (based in The Netherlands, via calls, Skype), work in close harmony with team members and have interfaces with the standing client IT organization.


San Jose, CA and San Diego, CA

Contact person


Contact person

Jasper Westerveld
+31 (0)6 109 090 66

At Itility, we believe that gender, race, sexual orientation, age, or ethnicity do not define you or your value as a team member. Your ambition, your passion, your drive toward continuous growth, and your willingness to work together with colleagues and customers makes you valuable. Itility supports an inclusive environment where employees feel empowered to share their experiences, ideas, and knowledge.

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