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Itilians about Itility

Work life: the Itility way... Take a peek into the unique facets that make our work environment distinctive. Discover why Itilians take pride in considering this company not just a workplace, but a true home for their professional journey.

  • In 2014, I began my journey at Itility as a stack and migration engineer. At that time, my primary goal was to gain more experience in various IT environments within the enterprise sector. My first encounter with Itility, which had approximately 50 employees at the time, occurred in Sicily, where my girlfriend and I were invited to the Itility Summit even before I officially started. Meeting so many new people was overwhelming, but when my girlfriend later remarked that it seemed like there were 50 copies of me walking around, I knew I would fit well into the Itility family.

    After working on several projects during the initial years, I realized that my passion lay more in facilitating and enabling my teammates and engaging with clients. Consequently, I began leading projects, initially under guidance and later independently. While I never lost my technical knowledge and interest in technology, it became a means for me to challenge both clients and colleagues effectively.

    Over time, alongside my role as a project manager, I have also taken on responsibilities such as service delivery manager, product owner, analyst, and program manager. This shift led me to focus less on job descriptions and instead, always strive to operate from my strengths and passions. As a result, I have become a versatile consultant who excels in what he does and finds joy in guiding project teams and effectively deploying them to achieve goals.


    Embraced versatility and passion, and excelled in guiding project teams towards their goals

  • When I accidentally got into IT in the late 1990s with my non-technical background, I never imagined that twenty years later, I would still be working for the same large IT service provider. Transitioning from a UNIX administrator to roles such as service manager, portfolio manager, product manager, and ultimately a solution architect, I’ve had the opportunity to experience it all.  Yet, by now, I was ready for a new challenge, and more specifically, a different type of company. More sociable, younger, more ambitious, and more challenging. And that turned out to be Itility! 

    In 2021 I started a project as Technical Application Manager but after a while I figured out that the role didn’t quite suit me. Since Itility has a nice, passionate, professional, and people-oriented culture, I spoke my mind and shared my feelings and Itility immediately started looking for a new project for me.  

    We found a highly challenging and complex project where my team and I were tasked with developing a software platform to optimize machine efficiency. The cool thing is that I had to make another content switch for that, so I got to know a whole new world again. And the best part for me is that in this project, as an Itility team, we didn’t just deliver value to our clients - we truly made a difference.


    Embraces change and thrives in environments where he can continually challenge himself