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Itilians about Itility

Work life: the Itility way... Take a peek into the unique facets that make our work environment distinctive. Discover why Itilians take pride in considering this company not just a workplace, but a true home for their professional journey.

  • My original background was in technical business administration with a focus on IT. I’ve always had an interest in the more hands-on technical side of things, and I was doubting after I finished my master’s degree whether I would want to try out a development-oriented role first. Itility gave me that chance and I started in the Young Professional Program focused on cloud.

    The program acted as a crash course on things like infrastructure-as-code, cloud services, platform management, consultancy, and prepared me for a role as a cloud engineer in the Cloud Center of Excellence at one of our customers. There I helped maintain the cloud platform, supporting a wide range of interesting use cases being built on the platform.

    After doing development work for two years, I decided I wanted to be a bit closer to the business where the value was delivered. Itility supported my switch, and my next step led me to the role of an Azure Solution Architect. Here, my focus was more on enabling teams and guiding them to enable their use case on the cloud, using cloud best practices. Continuing my path towards a more business-related role, my current project has me fulfill the role of a Technical Product Owner at one of our customers for another Cloud Center of Excellence, where I manage a team of 8 engineers.

    In a rather short time, I have been able to take big steps within large enterprises, working on complex solutions that I could only dream of a few years ago. Every day I experience new challenges and opportunities to further develop myself, and I think that summarizes working for Itility. 


    Went from trainee to hands-on roles to hands-off architect role, all of which at large enterprises and in a rather short time

  • Starting work after college was something that made me enthusiastic and doubtful at the same time. Especially because I was really searching for my ‘passion’ and what I want to be when I grow up. Now, five years later, the answer is clear to me: I want to (continue) collaborating with great individuals, solve (customer) challenges and have fun along the way.

    Although this is clear now, I explored multiple roles to get to where I am now. Luckily, Itility supported and encouraged me along this journey. I started working as a recruiter, where I tried to motivate starters to start in the role of project management officer or business analyst. Then I got excited about these roles, and Itility offered me the opportunity to explore the customer project side. From there, I took on the roles of PMO, Delivery manager, Scrum Master, Analyst and Project manager (my current role) at multiple customers. In all those steps, I learned that I really like to work in small teams on challenging tasks, while simultaneously having a ‘mentor’ that helps me grow.

    One project that really stands out for me was a global USB block that we enrolled at one of our (bigger) customers, as this was directly under the flag of the management team. I really liked how we were able to complete this within the particularly challenging timeline, with a small team, and how we teamed-up with the customer.  


    Wants to keep collaborating, solve challenges and have fun along the way

When I accidentally got into IT in the late 1990s with my non-technical background, I never imagined that twenty years later, I would still be working for the same large IT service provider. Transitioning from a UNIX administrator to roles such as service manager, portfolio manager, product manager, and ultimately a solution architect, I’ve had the opportunity to experience it all.  Yet, by now, I was ready for a new challenge, and more specifically, a different type of company. More sociable, younger, more ambitious, and more challenging. And that turned out to be Itility! 

In 2021 I started a project as Technical Application Manager but after a while I figured out that the role didn’t quite suit me. Since Itility has a nice, passionate, professional, and people-oriented culture, I spoke my mind and shared my feelings and Itility immediately started looking for a new project for me.  

We found a highly challenging and complex project where my team and I were tasked with developing a software platform to optimize machine efficiency. The cool thing is that I had to make another content switch for that, so I got to know a whole new world again. And the best part for me is that in this project, as an Itility team, we didn’t just deliver value to our clients - we truly made a difference.


Embraces change and thrives in environments where he can continually challenge himself